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The NIH-HEO mission is to work to ensure that the NIH fulfills its mission by addressing the needs of its U.S. Hispanic customers: (1) in its research, education, outreach and other programs, goals and policies; (2) in its Hispanic employee representation; and (3) in its relationships with national and community Hispanic organizations.

The NIH-HEO's purpose is to accomplish its mission by serving as an independent resource, analyst, facilitator, spokesperson and advocate for the U.S. ethnic Hispanic community and NIH Hispanic employees to the leadership and operational components of NIH and DHHS.

The NIH-HEO's objectives are:
- To increase each NIH Hispanic employee's awareness of and participation in NIH and Departmental programs and goals
- To provide a forum for discussion and information exchange about issues of Hispanic concern at the NIH, the Department and nationally
- To improve the quality of the NIH workplace for NIH Hispanic employees, including recruitment, hiring, retention, training and promotion
- To make recommendations to NIH, its leaders and components, and its employees for addressing identified problems and gaps in NIH's employment, policies and programs
- To sponsor workshops, forums, and other scientific and/or education events in support of its mission
- To participate on NIH working groups, committees, and other relevant activities, representing Hispanic employees and concerns, in a manner similar to other independent employee groups


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